Seven Lines from Your Book

This is an opportunity to post a seven line teaser from from your book! If you wish to post seven lines from your book, feel free to respond in the comments below. I'd love to see it! So, without further ado, here are seven lines from Bollywood Storm:

"The woman chuckled, keeping her gaze fixed on Beeji.

“I never suspected you were the Chandra who had an appointment with Karishma. . .Dee dee ji.

A flash of lightening. A rolling thunder peels across the dark, ethereal plain. . .

Beeji smiled again.

“Yes, what a coincidence, Bhanji. And how long have you been Miss Chawla’s personal secretary?”

The dark plane rumbled with laughter.

The woman’s potent eyes flashed, but she too managed a smile “No, no, no, Dee dee ji, I’m not Karishma’s secretary. Perhaps you didn’t hear me the first time? I SAID I’m her mother."

I like it, it's catty. Ha ha.

N. K. Johel

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