Bollywood Storm Update

Over the last year things have been quite busy with bringing the Bollywood Storm duology to awareness to readers. Writing, editing, publishing, marketing and reading this two book novel has taken me, the author, into many different arenas, which are, in traditional publishing, separate activities taken on by different entities.

As an independent publisher, it's been quite a lot of learning curves, and sometimes it can be overwhelming. But the joy of being able to see it all come together is really something. Nothing is a straight line, and organizing the activities of taking care of the everyday things, like a job, a home life added on to all of this can be hair raising. Without support, it can be a great burden.

Without writing a thank you speech to all who have been there, I do want to say that me, as a writer, would not have gotten this project to where it is without a lot of support, which not only covers the technical learning through my writer's group, the time I spent with my main support and content editor, and the people who read the novel while it was in various stages.

I've learned not only from the people who support me, but from the people who didn't. What I learned there was to be able to know where I stand with my work. Are they right, or is it a matter of they are not my audience? No matter what you have to say, there are people who will agree and disagree, and there is where the responsibility lies.

In bringing Bollywood Storm to awareness to people, whether it is face to face, print media, or book reading and signing, or through TV and radio, I have discovered many things, and that is that it is a exercise in discovering, at least my work, and who I am as a writer and artist, in a different way.