Creativity and Education

On February, 2017 I had the opportunity to finally meet (at that time) our provincial MLA, Amrik Virk, Minister of Science & Technology of BC. It was more of a reunion, as many years ago, during summers as teenagers, both our families worked at the same farm in Abbotsford picking fruit.

It was great to see that same thoughtful, hardworking and intelligent person who enjoyed a good, healthy debate or a rigorous game of chess with a few friends after work. As I'd never played chess, one day Amrik patiently taught me the basics of the game, thereby demystifying the aura of tedium and uber-geek intelligentsia in my imagination, and made it fun. I was happy to see that same spark of enthusiasm as we talked about art and literature, and it's importance in the education of our young people, alongside technology.

I hope to see that balance, as young people are not given that same opportunity for exploration through the creative arts in school we did, which - in not just my view - has resulted an imbalance in our young people's ability to connect and foster good, intelligent, emotional and mental well-being through storytelling and art.

N.K. Johel