The Fall

‘'The Fall' came after 'The Call'.

The Bollywood Storm adventure begins with Simryn Gill, an emerging actress - a starlet - ringing Elanna up on the telephone. 

How does Simryn manage to seduce Elanna?

What tactics does she use?

Does she employ guile?

Does she entice her with monetary gain?

No, the thing Elanna notices is how smart Simryn is – and tough. Simryn spotted details around the crime scene with the cool gaze of a private eye. It's made to look as Rajesh Sharma had simply gone to his room on a Saturday night, unwell, during the New York Bollywood Film Festival, bathed, changed into his pajamas, lay down on his bad and then ‘simply transcended into the next life. The scenario was asserted, repeatedly, by the entire Bollywood media, without even a hint of dissonance or scandal. It seemed a little too clean, especially for a licentious Bollywood Director.

Miss Gill notices two obvious non-conformities: there were no wet towels in the bathroom, and the bed sheets were hardly wrinkled at all. Upon hearing this, Elanna smells a big rat ... and now she’s intrigued. And that is why she drove 7 hours to Niagara Falls, because now Miss Gill is afraid for her life.

Thus begins the fall from grace; the expulsion from Eden; the rebirth from yet another stale but comfortable death-state, that starts when we first notice an ‘Other’. Everything was fine before that phone call. Elanna was safe in the cocoon of her apartment in New York, taking cold cases whenever she felt intrigued to do so.

Elanna tries to find every reason NOT to take the case, because of her vast and unknowable super powers. Every time she takes a case, she is taking a chance at being exposed to forces that most of us would not perceive - at least on a conscious level.

But, she cannot deny the pull, the need to solve the mystery. Something in the wind calls her, and will not be denied.